How to setup

Method 1 The best tutorial to install Supervior as a service. Please follow this link and do step by step until “Setup supervisor topic”

Method 2 install Supervisor as a normal solution (Please add sudo to every command)
1. execute “yum install python-setuptools” (If not installed)
2. execute “easy_install supervisor” to install via easy_install
3. execute “echo_supervisord_conf > supervisord.conf” to create simple configuration file
4. copy to /etc
5. execute “mkdir /etc/supervisord.d/” to create “supervisord.d” directory in /etc
6. Please add text “files = /etc/supervisord.d/*.conf” to configuration file under [include] section
7. Remove comment from [inet_http_server] and port=
8. Change port to *:9001
. Finish