Google home device

Looks like Google just promised what we all want – personal assistant that can control it all: your home, your calendar, events, and so much more.

Allo and Duo

Even more, conversations just got much more human alike, including personification

It will be open for developers soon.

Seems like a simple problem, there must be a simple solution? Here are the existing options:

  • syslog-ng or rsyslogd logging to a central location.
    • Pros: centralized logs, easy to analyse, near to real time
    • Cons: Requires extra dedicated server (costs). Have to extend storage or upload to S3 periodically. PITA setup from a security POV unless you know the IP addresses in advance (you can set up your own CA and generate a number of SSL keys and distribute these to the servers on startup and use TLS encrypted communications, but I really CBA with all that hassle – not to mention that last time I checked Amazon Linux didn’t support these serversOOTB so I’d have to install them from a CentOS RPM or similar)
  • Message queuing
    • (I don’t think this is a perfect match)
  • Hadoop cluster
    • Pros: awesome data crunching ability
    • Cons: we don’t have 10million users yet, I think this is a bit heavy handed (not to mention expensive)

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